Certification of products

We have good contacts with many certification organizations, institutions and laboratories as well as other permissive authorities. Depending on clients’ request and type of certification (гиперссылка на раздел – полезная информация – сертификация ) which is chosen we can organize getting all necessary documents for them.

If we speak about serial certification then we can obtain the certificate within 3 – 10 days, depending on the type of products and necessity of organizing their trials, after getting from the client the necessary set of documents and samples of products.

If we speak about certification of production  then depending on the scheme of certification (гиперссылка на раздел – полезная информация – сертификация ) and time terms (valiation period) that they will be obtainingdepends the time of preparation, documents gathering and works fulfillment which are related to certification: investigating the documents, audit visit to the factory, preparing the acts of visit, receiving samples of products, laboratory tests and trials, protocols of inspections, protocols of tests and trials, issuing certificates. If this scheme is chosen then it is better to prepare everything on time and be ready to the process running within 3 – 4 months until the time when the certificates have to be issued.

By getting your request and knowing your preferences we will try to find and offer you the most suitable and optimum for you type of certification.
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