Cargo storage services

Very important part of the logistics scheme is storage of the goods at warehouse.

From the quality of this service finally other aspects are depending:
  • safety and quality of goods (its features/properties and selling condition);
  • delivery and stock account / control;
  • compliance with the delivery schedule to the final consumers;
  • expenditure side of the, booked for this service.
We do not have our own warehouse premises today. But for many years we work with the partners who are specialized in this services. We know how they work and we guarantee their quality of service, we are ready to bear the responsibility for the high-professional approach in terms of storage of your goods.

We find the warehouses most optimum for you according to your demands (metric area, terms of storage, conditions of work, list of additional related services, etc.). For this just let us know about:

  • type of products that you plan to keep at warehouse for storage 
  • demands / requirements for storage (if there are any specific)
  • regularity of deliveries (what is at least planned or forecasted)
  • average volume of one shipment (in cartons, pallettes, m3)

We can conduct an agreement of storage from our name if it would be more convenient for you.

If there is a case when for example your cargoes has arrived but your premises are not ready to accept the delivery (store is under construction and not finished, repair works keep on going, premises are full with other goods and no free space for the new delivery, etc.) – we help you to solve this issue buy recommending you the services of temporary responsible storage of your goods. Your cargo will be accepted by warehouse by loading places (palettes or boxes), with no access to it, and for the moment when you be ready to take the delivery the warehouse staff will pass it to you by the quantity of loading places. If you wish, you can be presented at the moment of the acceptance of the goods and measuring out of the goods.

We organize any additional service under your request at warehouse territory during the storage of the goods or its distribution.

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