Cargo Transportation

Cargo transportation – is one of the important components. At the basement of each international selling-buying operation there is a delivery of the goods, that was sold by one and purchased by another party of the bargain. To organize this service there are many ways to make it – by sea freight, air freight, railway and road transportation.

TENGROUP company is specialized in following deliveries of cargo:

We will fulfill transportation of any type of cargo from any place to any place by any means of transport. For this we need to get from you the following data which help us to define the most suitable and optimum way of transportation for you:

  • Place of loading / delivery (minimum – index, city)
  • Type of cargo (short description) 
  • Requirements to transportation (which transport document is needed, are there any special permits and/or licenses, etc.)
  • Measurements (dimensions) of the cargo (sizes: length, width, heights; weight, volume)
  • Terms of delivery and delivery days (when cargo is ready to be shipped (estimated time of departure (ETD), when it is expected to be delivered (estimated time of arrival (ETA))

In short terms our managers will work out your request and look through all possible options of delivery that may suit your request and will offer you the cost for you to decide about the shipment.
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