Foreign Economic Activity Services

Customs legislation of Ukraine and specific of requirements to the foreign-economic activity in our country requires many questions being worked out on time. Only by this attitude the trade operation could be prepared very fundamentally and qualitatively, thinking over and checking all the details, being ready for the fulfilling the requirements of the legislation of our country as well as country if Importer or Exporter.

In modern conditions companies who are making their activities on the international markets very often not only asking to make the delivery from one place to another place but request a lot of different types of services. For successful actions or development of the effective scheme it is necessary to obtain full and true information about economic situation on the market of services and goods from this or that country. The newcomers in foreign trade activity will need the support in the term of making connections with their international partners, they have to define and build up the most optimum scheme of organization of the deliveries.

Those who have no experience in foreign economic activity for sure will face with different unexpected situations. Wrong customs clearance, problems with obtaining permissive documents or even the damage of the goods during transportation – these cases could assure those who just making first steps in foreign economic relations to forget about the wish to make import or export activity. Troubles could happen even simply from not knowing the laws, culture or ethics of another country. Does this risk really worth it when you have possibility to use the many-years experience of the specialists in this field?

We have long lasting experience in international transportation, we are perfectly aware of economic situation in foreign countries; we have enough information about financial and legal support for the contract or business deal. By requesting the consulting about foreign economic activity with our company you can be sure that any agreement for international trade activity will be successful.

Specialist of our company will give you the consultation about implemented taxes in Ukrainian system in this type of activity, logistics services will provide with the full service for organization of transport process. Consultations also assumes support in customer’s financial activity, by which we can make all the financial regulations of the deliveries of your goods.

By making consulting about foreign economic activity, we analyze the efficiency of business process of the customer by relation to logistics and finances, and if needed give the optimum solutions for its correcting, that could definitely decrease the expenses and increase the final result of your international trade activity.

If you need information to consult about any kind of information regarding foreign economic activity about order of the customs clearance process, amount of the payments needed for clearance, currency control and specific tax methods for international operations, by asking us you will get fully described answer with links to normative acts or even, if you wish, we can make the list of needed documents exactly per your request. We will always first study your expectations and prime requests to be able to offer you the most optimum scheme for export-import operations, help to prepare the foreign economic contracts, cargo shipping documents, create a list of permissive documents and licenses which are needed for the specific scheme or operation of yours.

Consulting on foreign economic activities issues, customs code definition of products by Ukrainian products classification, explanation on tariff and non-tariff regulation, Ukrainian taxation.

Foreign economic activity is a ranged sphere and sometimes it’s hard to cover its all details at first try. We perfectly understand that you can't embrace unembraceable that’s why we offer our professional help in this sphere of business. We understand that one can be easily lost in laws and regulations, which might change and be amended from day to day. That is why we’ll be glad to answer all the questions about any kind of foreign economic activities and supply chain. The main difference from our competitors is that we don’t submit an invoice for the consulting. We are focused on the final result – the provision of services on custom clearance and related services, and therefore we try to do our best to be able to justify client’s confidence  selecting our company as a partner.

We clearly understand that sometimes those types of services which refer to additional services, could appear the most crucial for our customer, so neglected attitude to one of such, seemed-to-be-secondary issues, could bring to nothing the whole positive result of the main services done. We try to help as much as we can and to fulfill our job qualitatively and with benefits to everyone.

Sometimes in our working process with different kinds of goods we faced with requests that were hardly foreseen. As example we may describe the cases when working under PAMPERS HOUSE project we made the dry-cleaning of the products before they were returned or when during Nokia Road Show we booked the hotel for the drivers and paid their mobiles. For trucks with George Michael show we organized the delivery and fuel right at central stadium and the trucks for Formula-1 were washed manually on Khreshatyk.

We’ll solve any of your problem or need. Trust us!

Preparation, drafting and conclusion of the supply agreements and services contracts.

At the beginning of work with our clients, besides providing our standard service contract (which is drawn up dependently on chosen services), we render assistance in drawing different foreign economic contracts and supply agreements, which will be the basis for receiving/dispatching imported/exported goods. As a company experienced in working with customs and bank currency transactions for foreign economic contracts in every day regime, we know which points have to be noticed, what items should be taken into account previously, how to expound various aspects correctly. Such assistance from our side could help the client to escape different unpleasant misunderstandings in his foreign economic activities or situations that could appear either during goods transfer and customs clearance or during bank payments in foreign currency for delivered/shipped goods.

Representing client’s interests at customs and other state services, support in solving problems which appear during the process of foreign economic activity and/or during the process of customs clearance.

Often it happens so that during transportation of goods at the moment of border crossing at border crossing points or after during the process of customs clearance customs authorities or other involved in the process persons could have questions or doubts about the cargo. It could be absolutely various and its range is quite ambiguous starting from the points of the contract, filling of the lines of the invoice in correct order and format,  finishing with customs value of the cargo and defining its nomenclature code according to Ukrainian customs classification of goods. In this case we always inform our client about the occurred situation, but after clarification all further actions we try to solve all issues on our own. We defend our client’s interests and try to keep him away from such cases as maximum.

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