Air freight

Air freight is a fast, convenient and often the only way for delivering goods. Over the years of our operation on the market we have accumulated considerable experience in international, domestic and charter (freight and passenger) air transportation. Partnership with agents around the world and cooperation with leading airlines enable us to provide the best prices on air transportation, to carry out air delivery of your goods as soon as possible and organize practically any auxiliary service in almost all cities and countries.

Our specialists develop an individual plan of service for each client, control and monitor every single shipment at each stage and provide clients with a full report of cargo status.

For transportating large-size or urgent cargoes by air we use cargo charter flights.

Our services related to air freights include:

  • cargo delivery "from door to door" (including picking goods up from a warehouse, internal surface transportation, services at airports of departure and destination, preparation and issuing shiping documents);
  • information support;
  • integrated logistics (including all concomitant and additional services);
  • completing separate lots/orders and distribution;
  • consolidation of cargos (import/export) using transit warehouses in Europe and corresponding documents;
  • multimodal transportation (air freight + road or sea transportation);
  • transporting goods which require special conditions: (hazardous, perishable goods, living animals etc.);
  • handling operations at warehouse and airport;
  • special packing and marking;
  • cargo insurance for transportation period;
  • customs clearance either in a country of departure or in a country of destination;
  • charter flights (passenger and cargo);
  • economy airfreight;
  • express airfreight.

We offer complete solutions on developing optimal route for air transportation on the assumption of your individual requirements, specificity of your shipment, contract terms, financial resources and many other factors. At that we will set in motion direct and connection flights anywhere in the world, combine different types of transport, use an opportunity for goods consolidation.

Close long-term partnership with major players on air transportation market allow us to get the best price using a flexible discount system depending on volume of cargo is to be transported, to select the most economical delivery option, to provide a guaranteed reservation for busy directions and many other capabilities for  the most effective delivering your cargo by air.

We are ready to proceed – just tell us what we can do for you?

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