Multimodal deliveries

Multimodal delivery is a combined cargo transportation carried out by different means of transport: rail, road, sea and air. Well-coordinated work of all participants of transport chain is indispensable to successful realizing this method of cargo transportation.

Suppose you need to send goods from Ukraine to the United States, from China to Russia, from Britain to Turkey etc.  Such the transportation may include many stages which one or another types of transport will be involved for. We will offer you the variant of delivery which will be the most optimal, the cheapest and the fastest. To define it is not so easy as it may seem. Whether goods should be sent to a port by car or by rail? How to proceed at a port of departure: to charter a ship or to arrange repacking and reloading goods into universal sea container? To unload cargo from container to truck or to make road transportation by container truck at port of destination? Or, perhaps, it will be more reasonable to consolidate a cargo at port of destination and send by rail?

Daily we estimate similar and more complicated variants of multimodal transportation organization  around the world. We are in constant control of cargo throughout whole transportation and willing to provide customer with complete information about location and condition of goods upon request. Our experts will help you quickly and without any problem to legalize all necessary accompanying documents on your cargo.

To take the right decision in choosing transport scheme, to meet required delivery terms and transportation conditions is right our dignity for which we have been chosen by our clients and is the reason why you can and must entrust us shipment of your cargos!


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