Groupage cargo / consolidated cargo deliveries

Often in international practice it is necessary to deliver small lots of goods weighing from few kilograms to several tons. Using a single vehicle for transporting such the goods is frequently not reasonable, in such the case two or more cargoes are being loaded into one vehicle. Such kind of transportation is called as Groupage cargo deliveries, and the cargo is called consolidated.

In some cases general cargoes are being delivered through transit warehouses between which a regular communication service is arranged. Mixed consignments allow saving appreciably expenses on small cargo delivery, to optimize goods traffic avoiding idle run and inefficient using rolling stock. For mixed consignments transportation road, air, marine and rail transport are equally effectively used. It should be noticed that development of international mixed consignments in Ukraine and CIS countries is checked by intensified control over such the cargoes by customs authorities and by still poor development of warehouse infrastructure.

In the country of departure different lots of mixed consignments may be loaded into one vehicle at warehouses of different owners or at consolidated warehouse where the cargoes are being delivered to in time of picking-up a vehicle for them. General cargoes are being sent to a country of destination upon one shipping document. Thus, mixed consignments allow saving expenses on small-sized goods transportation and small lots of goods (due to using just a part of truck’s volume but not a whole truck).

In general delivering mixed consignments is in demand on either small or medium businesses, but often used by large corporations. Mixed consignments transportation can be realized by any type of transport: surface, air, sea, rail or a unit of some of them (multimodal transportation). In fairness saying this type of transportation has its disadvantages:

  • your shipment may be delayed in transit if the truck which consolidates various cargoes on whatever reasons will be kept off at one of loading places in country of departure;
  • your shipment may be delayed in transit if the truck which carries  various cargoes on whatever reasons will be kept off at one of unloading places in country of destination;
  • your shipment may be delayed at border because of absence of PP/PD for any of the goods from mixed consignment;
  • your shipment may be delayed during customs clearance of some cargo from mixed consignment;
  • if your shipment isn’t the last one for customs clearance you need to transfer it at customs terminal and to pay additional charges for delivering your goods by another vehicle.

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