According to the Ukrainian legislation for making foreign economic activity the enterprise has to pass obligatory accreditation.

Accreditation is a registration and enumeration in customs house of the entities engaged in foreign economic activity.

For making accreditation there must be a set of documents passed to the customs house in the district where the enterprise is registered:

-  Certificate from State Statistics Service;

-  Extract from the Charter that confirms the right to fulfill foreign economic activity

-  The register of the documents  

To make accreditation card we will need the following information from you:

-  Passport and ITN (individual tax number) of the director ;

-  Passport and ITN (individual tax number) of the chief accountant;

-  Passport and ITN (individual tax number) of the persons responsible for working with customs;

-  Extract from the one state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;

-  VAT payer certificate;

-  Certificate from state statistics about including the enterprise into the into the one state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;

-  Certificate from the bank about the accounts opened;

-  e-mail of enterprise

-  information about places of factual accommodation of all the people mentioned in the accreditation card and their contact telephones

The mentioned above list is referential and could be changed depending on the form of ownership of the participant of foreign economic activity, citizenship of the director of enterprise, customs administration in which district you do the accreditation.

Upon your request we will help you to collect the correct set of documents, priory checking the validity terms of the documents, make the request for accreditation/reaccreditation of your company in Kiev.

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