Oversized cargoes

The majority of trucks designed to carry cargo with a width up to 2,45 m, length up to 13,6 m, height up to 3,1 m and weighing up to 24 tons. Consignments exceeding these dimensions are referred to as oversized.

Transportation of oversized cargo requires special equipment, as well as preliminary approvals to carry oversized cargo on the whole route.

For such traffic, as a rule, carefully selected and approved by the supervisory authorities route, taking into account the height and width of bridges and fences, power lines, etc. barriers throughout the route.

In some countries, depending on the size of the load it is required not only agreement with the road service, but also a special police escort trucks, road service, etc.

For transportation of oversized cargo by road using special low-bed trailer-platform, and oversized cargo is often transported by rail and sea or with the help of so-called multimodal transport, the transportation of one or more modes of transport (for example: road and sea, road and rail).

Since the transportation of oversized, long and heavy loads - very expensive and complicated process, it would be reasonable to entrust this service to professionals who will check all the details in advance and take care about your cargo that you do not have any problems in transit, and delivery is made perfectly in time.

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