State standard of Ukraine defines the main principles, structure and rules of the system of certification of Ukraine; validates lists of products that are the subject of obligatory certification with links to normative documents’ conformity established during the certification; making control for the rules of certification and for the certified products and inform the applied organization and community about the result of certification.

Importance of certification. The whole world highlights the importance of certification. In West the big authority has ISO 9000 certificate, confirming the quality of the process of the products. In Ukraine its own certification system was developed which has not less authority. Certificate of UkrSepro is absolutely independent document, proving conformity of the products to all requirements of standard norms of Ukraine. That is why if you have a certificate of conformity of your country, anyway you have to obtain the certificate UkrSepro, because some criteria of quality definition in Ukraine and other countries may be different.

Certification in Ukraine. During importation to Ukraine certification plays very important role. It is necessary for the customs control. In case of you lack certificate, the goods could stop the customs clearance until the moment of getting the required documents. If certification in Ukraine was done properly then UkrSepro certificate is issued which gives the right to make legal way to Ukraine and helps to sell the products.

What is UkrSepro? Certificate of conformity UkrSepro is a document developed in Ukraine which confirms the provided products correspond to all requirements and standards of Ukraine in the sphere of goods and services. For Ukraine certificate UkrSepro is an own standard of quality of products equal to certification of production level ISO 9000 for western countries, but being absolutely independent document. If certification ISO includes control of production system quality, then certification of UkrSepro is in charge of quality of final product.

For cooperation with partners from CIS countries there is a simplified system – acknowledgement of certification of conformity.

Ukraine signed bilateral partners agreement with CIS countries, due to which the certificates issued in those countries could be equivalent to UkrSepro certificate. On the basis of those certificates the "Acknowledgement of certificate of conformity", which has a legal power of UkrSepro certificate for customs clearance. For obtaining this document one has to provide the national certificate of conformity and protocol (minutes) of analysis of the products.

Because there are several schemes of certification – the acknowledgement of certificate of conformity is defined after getting and studying the documents.

Obligatory certification. Established by legislation of Ukraine obligatory certification — is a system of certification of products and services, certification of which is an obligatory requirement. More often they are implemented for the products which could influence on safety of people, their belongings and environmental. For these production the obligatory certificate is issue. Certification of products includes different schemes of certification. Certification includes different schemes of certification. The most popular are for exact party of goods, for serial production or manufacturing.

Definite list of products was adopted by Ukrainian legislation as obligatory for certification (Держспоживстандарт України; Наказ, Перелік вiд 01.02.2005 № 28) . Obligatory certification is done according to this list.

Voluntary certification. If your products are not included into the list of obligatory certification, you can order the voluntary certification which definitely increase your products’ authority on Ukrainian market. Being a quality guarantee, the certificate UkrSepro gives you the possibility to feel yourself more confident in tenders and increases customers’ attractiveness. If your products are not obligatory for certification but customs demands to provide them confirmation – you can request it from Certification authority.

Products of voluntary certificate are mainly those which have no obligatory requirements for observing safety regulations. At the same time its carrying out limits entering non-qualified goods to the market by checking indexes such as reliability, aesthetic qualities, economy and other are being done based on contract terms between the applicant and certification authority.

Refusal letter — is a reference which is issued by accredited in the system authority, informing that there is no need to certify these goods obligatory in the system of certification.

Also there are products which are the subject for declaration of conformity.

Declaration of conformity – is a document where the manufacturer confirms that the supplied products correspond to definite standards of quality.

If the products are in the list of products obligatory for certification, then certificate of conformity from UkrSepro is required. If the products are not obligatory for certification, then voluntary certificate or refusal letter can be obtained.

Schemes of certification UkrSepro. There are several schemes of certification of products in Ukraine. Each scheme is used depending on products and the term of its realization. Below you can find the list of those:

  • «Scheme # 1». Under this scheme the certificate is issued with validity period of 1 year. This scheme is used only for equipment that is manufactured once (like production lines, system of management, program-technical complexes, etc.)
  • «Scheme # 2». Under this scheme the certificate is issued for 1 year period only for the imported party of goods.
  • «Scheme # 3». This scheme is acting when the certificate is issued for the products that are produced serially, under the analysis results without production audit. By this scheme the certificate is issued for 1 year period. Periodical technical control on the certified products is also stipulated by this scheme.
  • «Scheme#4». This scheme is implemented for those products, that are being manufactured serially, by the results of technical control on the certified products by control inspections of the manufacturing and control analysis. Certificate is issued for 2 years period.
  • «Scheme#5». This scheme is used when working with the products which are manufactured serially, under the results of the evaluation of the analysis and production. Periodical technical control on the certified products, analysis and production is also stipulated by this scheme. Validity period 3 years.
  • «Scheme#6». When using this scheme the certificate is issued for the products that is manufactured serially under the results of certification of quality system management of the manufactory (certification ISO 9000) production and products analysis. The scheme of periodical technical control by checking the system of quality management of the manufacturer and control analysis of the products. Issued for 5 year period.

Our advices for certification. For having your products released on time from customs without any delays due to lack of certification we recommend you to make the following steps:

To define if the goods belong to the list of obligatory certification list we have to appoint HS code to which this product refers to. According to acting legislation of Ukraine, the final decision about HS code definition belongs to customs authorities during customs clearance procedures, and it not always agree with the HS code of the supplier, mentioned in the shipping documents for the goods. In some cases customs inspector could send the product for expertise to Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, for exact definition of customs code. To escape these troubles and misunderstandings, please provide this our professionals from customs department. For this we have to get from you all technical documents for your products with maximum information.

After working with your request our specialists will provide you the full information concerning certification of your goods and other possibilities that you may use for this.

We will be glad to help at any stage of certification. For passing the whole procedure you just have to provide our specialists with necessary set of documents for your products. We will make this service for you with maximum effect with minimum financial charges.

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