Cargo transportation

Delivery of your cargo – is one of the most important components of logistics scheme, that has a big influence on the financial results of the whole trade operation. The term of delivery and self cost of the goods finally depend on its correctness and efficiency.

To deliver your cargo you may use road, air, sea, railway, special (dangerous, special temperature regime demanding, heavy-weight, off-gauge or long-load cargo) transport, by horses, camels or dogs. For increasing the efficiency of the delivery one can use multimodal deliveries, when different means of transport are combined in one delivery or to make a consolidation delivery of your goods with other cargoes.

The shipper, by making decision about ways and methods of delivery, has to follow the main criteria: cost of transportation, quality of service, that influence on this decision and as a result on all the aspects of the production and selling of the goods.

We make deliveries of all types of cargo by road, air and sea freight. Transportation of cargo is done by prior agreed route, by the support of professional companies-expeditors, that helps to eliminate stressful situations that may postpone the cargo. Be sure that we will deliver your goods to the point of destination at right time and in proper condition regardless time terms and distance.

Now auto and air transportation is widely spread as well as transportation by marine lines. It should be mentioned that the cargo delivery by air is the fastest but at the same time the most expensive. This way of transportation is popular for those who need to deliver the goods rapidly in short time terms.

Often the reliability and on-time delivery is more important than transportation speed. Qualified autotransport companies secure such reliability on long and short distances, significantly exceeding other types of transport by flexibility and universality, by quality of service and due to all this autotransport is one step forward from railway and air transportation.

Thanks to many years experience in the field of international transportation we succeed to fix partner relations with many foreign operators, that helps to deliver cargoes all over the world more efficient.

Cooperation with leading carrier-companies helps us to fulfill the obligations under the contract on high level:

  1. Competitive prices;
  2. Shortest terms of delivery;
  3. Safety of cargo;
  4. Solving troubles of any difficulty.

Our company has experience in road, air and sea transportation.

Usage of consolidation warehouses in Europe helps us to provide the customer with full range of services for consolidation cargoes’ deliveries from any point of the world in minimum time terms, storage of goods, if needed even its weighing, sorting and repacking. Thanks to branchy net of our partners, we have a possibility to contact directly with the shipper from any part of the world and solve all the issues connected with loading and shipping of the goods as well as preparation of the documents required for the export formalities, organize the documents’ return for export confirmation and VAT refund.

When choosing the way of delivery one has to take into account many factors that could influence on the result and know many specific points referring to professional sphere of knowledge. That is why our advice is – trust this mission to professionals. Trust it to us! Knowledge and experience of our employees help to plan and organize cargo deliveries with maximum effect and on-time, providing optimum results which are the guarantee for mutual cooperation. We know that we can make it excellent we will be glad to find an alternative suitable for you!

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